My name is Roy {Ashwan} {Ashwan – means Star} This is the name that spirit gave me five years ago I will shortly be working in whitchurch, Cardiff at 17 Holistic house, The Philog CF14 1DZ and Birmingham, once a month shortly at the Association of Spiritualists Healers or ASH centre at www.ashcentre.co.uk


In the past, I have worked in the sports and leisure industry for 3 years and then, later on, worked within the care sector. I have worked, within the care sector for 25years, ranging from nursing homes to working at Cardiff Royal Infirmary and from there to UHW in Cardiff, during the 1990s for several years.

Currently, I am working within a care home with adults with learning difficulties in Cardiff.


My studies in the healing arts

My interest in the complementary therapies began many years ago, when I was in my 20s. I then began to explore the mind body spirit festivals, here in Cardiff and London. What captured my interest, at that time were, the various healing arts around at that time, such as acupuncture, reflexology, iridology, herbal medicine and so on. Eventually, I found myself drawn to the energy side of healing, such as spiritual healing etc. Eventually, over the years, I trained and studied in Shiatsu Therapy in 1996 and later on Hypnotherapy, and Pranic Healing and also studied Buqi with the Late Dr Shen Hongxun here in the UK and abroad in Belgium.


How I came into psychic Surgery and what I do

Back in 2004, I was working in a complementary therapy centre in Penarth, where I working was a therapist at that time. During which, I kept having thoughts of doing healing experiments. So, on this one occasion, I decided to try the healing experiment on a friend who worked at the clinic, the friend had problems with her hand at the time so, as I began to do the healing, a spirit doctor worked on her hand for several minutes without me doing any of laying on of hands, which is often done within spiritual healing work. I found myself being a channel for the spirit doctor and his team to work through without myself going into trance. After the healing, I seen the friend a few days later and she asked me to work on her daughter who was in a car crash 2 years earlier. Again, I did not know what to expect, and the spirit team came in and worked on her body. After 4 ­5 sessions this young lady was able to ride her horse again. And this is how I got into the psychic surgery field.